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We help our clients make smarter judgments about their communications, brand, innovations, product development, customer experience, influencing decision-making and identifying needs.


We don’t champion a single research methodology or rely on pre-packaged approaches. Instead, we use 40 years of combined experience to recommend the right approach for each study.

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About I C research


Regardless if the task is a critical strategy development or a fast turnaround snap shot of your market’s reactions, we:

  • Take the time to understand both you, your needs and your questions

  • Design and conduct tailored qualitative and/or quantitative research

  • Build in the most effective reporting approach to enlighten and help the stakeholders make better decisions, utilising the latest multi-media techniques

We deliver efficient, full-service solutions utilising most the traditional or new innovative methodologies at competitive rates, nationally or internationally.


To see our sector specialisms, our innovative approach to packaging and design research, or how we use video to introduce the customer, please click on the links.

  • Help form action plans, and offer a strategy implementation tool to help allocate responsibilities,  controlling the implementation process from initial idea to final delivery or production

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If you would like to contact us, please call on the following: (+44) 0207 504 1311

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