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We have developed a step-change in researching packaging and design, for anything from small FMCG packs to large products such as cars.


This is acheived by testing the designs in a format that is signifiacntly closer to reality:

  • Much more realistic than a 2D paper drawing but at a similar cost

  • Much cheaper than producing a full physical mock-up.

Packaging and Design

For more information or a demonstration please contact us

With virtually life-like stimulus, respondents provide more accurate and more considered feedback, as it allows them to interact and fully explore the designs.


Our innovative service makes bringing a new pack or product to market quicker and easier as well as ensuring that your pack or prodcut is more appealling and desirable to your consumer, first time.

If you would like to contact us, please call on the following: (+44) 0207 504 1311