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Having watched and researched the rise, fall and rise of the global luxury market over the last 20 years, the emergence of new markets has re-energised products and brands, old and new.

The Luxury Market

In facing your challenges, if you have considered these or similar questions, we can help you:

How do I communicate price without devaluing my luxury brand?


If I increase retail presence, how can I maintain exclusivity?

Old wealth, new money and our own definition and profiling of the latest breed of High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals has never made this sector more fascinating or influential.

What changes can I make to my CRM programme to improve consideration and loyalty?


How can I begin to develop loyalty with the children of my clients?


What expectation do my customers have of impeccable service and how does the experience match?


How can I reach and acquire new customers from a small and illusive High Net Worth pool?

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