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Our expertise has been called upon by many financial institutions from insurance, to loan/finance, banks to credit card companies, both conducting and specifying research.

Insurance and Finance

We are well versed in speaking to employees from all over the organisation including marketing, account teams, underwriting and product managers to senior directors.

How do consumers use financial company and other websites in their purchase decision?


How do consumers respond to our TV ad?


What should my marketing and communication strategy be for my product?


What materials do intermediaries want, how to deliver them and in what format?


What measures are key for broker satisfaction?


What does and should my brand stand for?

If these are, or similar to your questions, we can help.

How should I manage the communication change in the reward linked to my product?


What do customers think of the proposed new visual identity for their accounts?


What should our direct pricing strategy be?

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If you would like to contact us, please call on the following: (+44) 0207 504 1311