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By IC, Sep 1 2020 08:00AM

We hear it time and time again from consumers whether they are buyers of ice cream, coffee, bakery products or quick serve food – “we may be creatures of habit, but we’re not unadventurous”.

Almost all consumers have their favourite, go-to choices, but even loyal customers will migrate to the competition if they feel that they can try something different. They may defect just once, they may try the latest novelty but tire quickly and return to the brand that they have been loyal to. However, they may not.

Consumers are increasingly being drawn, magnet-like, by the idea of limited time products or regional specialities. Fresh, seasonal produce that won’t be around all year gives many consumers a reason to visit. The old business model for some food/drink outlets of uniformity and cookie-cutter experience will no longer be enough to sustain steady business. Consumers expect more frequent store redesigns, more regular refreshing of the menu and enough of a difference from store to store to create a reason to visit.

Whether by making the store layout/design more appropriate by different customer types/neighbourhoods, or celebrating town or regional uniqueness with locally produced or local themed products, differences give customers a reason to return.

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