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Quick and easy

By IC, Sep 26 2019 02:44PM

Whilst the demand for food and drink home/office delivery shows no sign of tailing off, since on-the-go consumers are, by definition, on the street, QSR and coffee shops may be one of the few retailers making a success of our long-suffering high street.

Consumers eagerly anticipate the latest developments in coffee flavours and seasonal ingredient food but the areas they are most keen to see improve are ease of ordering and speed.

Many report that the ability to pre-order and pay via apps so that collection can be timed to perfection would not only improve brand perception but also encourage migration to a competitor brand. This function helps trial of new products since consumers can learn about different flavours through detailed descriptions and consumer reviews but also encourages upselling to complementary items especially with strategic use of targeted offers.

Order-ahead functionality isn’t just for take away, as popular QSRs and coffee shops reach seating capacity at peak times, consumers report one of the most frustrating parts of the in-store experience is spotting space only for it to be poached whilst they are waiting in the queue to order.

Whilst fewer consumers are aware of it, voice ordering is seen as a perfect fit with their ideal buying experience. Since QSR and coffee shop menus are manageable in size and consumer often have a limited repertoire, using voice ordering such as Amazon Alexa, offers equal if not greater transaction security with voice biometrics plus a hands off, more instinctive ordering process with the ability to select a specific delivery time, pick-up location, preferred order, and payment all through synced Amazon and brand-specific apps/accounts.

The final part of the store experience evolution is automation. Starting with McDonald’s kiosk screen ordering system, consumer expect this to improve and become more mainstream. Whether it’s sandwiches, coffee or ice cream, consumers don’t really see the need for manual labour in handing over the product they’ve ordered. Automation of ordering and collection is perceived to be more accurate and quicker and expectations that there would be an improvement in the quality and consistency of the production/assembly of the product ordered as well as crafting more personalised options. The role of staff would then be focussed on a really genuine welcome, along with advice and inspiration especially with the more high-end coffee/ice cream/fresh ingredient elements.

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