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Beyond cannibalisation

By IC, Sep 24 2020 07:00AM

Marketing and business are essentially about trying to affect behaviour change of individuals or organisations to ensure they purchase your products or services. In trying to implement a change it is critical to understand not only how to achieve the primary objective, but also the unintended behavioural adjustments, to ensure the success of an initiative.

The concept of cannibalisation when launching new products is well known and is a very obvious example, but it extends to many other areas.

One very topical example is around the move to extend mask wearing to combat COVID-19, where the Peltzman effect shows that increasing safety in one area, results in greater risk taking elsewhere.

Masks used correctly should help reduce transmission. However, the with greater mask wearing it is likely to be accompanied by a re-calculation of the risks and result in some degree of relaxing of other behaviours, such as less distancing or more trips outside the home.

Knowing this, the framing when implementing compulsory wearing of face masks and overall messaging strategy can be developed to mitigate resultant behaviours. A messaging positioning that mask wearing is an ‘essential and additional’, rather than a standalone action should generate a better overall outcome.

So if you are looking to launch a new product, advertising campaign or any other initiative that requires a behaviour change, IC can help you understand the underlying motivations and the resulting broader implications to help improve outcomes.

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