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By IC, Mar 21 2020 09:00AM

Whether single or married, we find that consumers are increasingly interested in solo travel. Travellers that have no-one suitable to travel with or just someone whose life-partner doesn’t share the same interest, solo holidays or ‘solidays’ have become a hot topic.

More travel consumers now find the idea of travelling with a group of like-minded travellers, making new friends and seeing the sights that they want to see, has a lot of appeal. Many of the ‘solidays’ have a particular focus; yoga, walking or a guided tour of a particular location, for example, but usually something that doesn’t force group integration and still allows silent ‘me-time’, if preferred. Some consumers want to chat and make new friends, others just don’t want to be on their own but a holiday that is focussed on one common interest allows for as much or as little interaction as they want.

Our research has found that a significant number of travellers are looking for a themed holiday such as self-guided walking holidays that allow them the independence to be with others and take both socialisation and exploration at their own pace, whilst enjoying the benefits of having an organisation make all the arrangements.

Some consumers are now finding these types of holiday appealing for mental-health benefits in being able to step out of the pressures and confines of their everyday life for some separation and seek clarity of thought. Whilst not thought of specifically as ‘well-being’ holidays, for those that aren’t beach-lovers or sun-worshippers, the distraction of a dedicated activity provides purpose and diversion from worries or negative thoughts.

‘Solidays’ is about being alone as a solo traveller yet still with the opportunity to discover new friends and new experiences, a moment of solitude with others who are looking for similar solitude whilst still having the right amount of company; time to reflect, time to reset or time away from thought or pressure, but always with the reassurance that they are among fellow like-minded companions.

‘Solidayers’ typically don’t look for traditional tour operators, but instead a semi-package holiday where they would choose their own form of transport but rely on a small hotelier or B&B owner who would have someone that provides themed activities, allowing as much or as little activity as preferred, perhaps a yoga/pilates teacher, an art teacher, a history guide or just a walking guide or a combination. Ultimately, ‘Solidayers’ want just the right level of flexible organising without feeling like being in a crowd.

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